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Hi Ray’s


If I understand your question, you can only rearrange strips in the “Custom” panel….

You can also re arrange any of the surface layout strips.


Select I/P from the north tool bar this will show you the available input channels on the mixer then select either Surface or Custom from the same toolbar this will then show you your surface layout or custom channel strip both of which can be edited.

In the setup mode on the West tool bar select: strip and in the processing view select multi

You can now drag multiple input/mix channels from the I/P or mix window to the Surface & Custom strip layouts.

If you place your cursor over the top of a strip you will replace what is in that strip.
If you place the cursor between 2 strips you will insert your selected chanels between the 2 strips. All channel strips to the right side of where you innsert your new channels strips will be shifted right.

Hope that helps

Sam A&H