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Ok, I’ve spoken with Dante support extensively. I’ve also exhausted all posible options. Including-

Try’d adjusting Dante Virtual Soundcard settings- I.E- Latency & Channel Count

Try’d a different computer-
Sony Vaio
2.4GHZ Dual Core
4GB Ram
Gbit Ethernet Port
Solid State External Drive
Installed Dante Virtual Soundcard, and Controller

Try’d different recording software all configured at 48k 24bit with Dante selected as the ASIO-

Pro Tools 9
Presonus Studio One

Try’d installing the Dante card in an completely different iLive system, and repeating process on both computers (MAC & PC)-

iLive R-72

“Pops” still continue on just about every channel. Audinate assures me that it is not a clocking issue (I don’t see how it could be anyways). I’m pretty sure that I’ve just got a bad M-Dante Card. [:(] I’ll reply to this when a solution comes up. I want to document all this for anyone else’s future issues…….What are forums for, right?

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