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Hey Biggsounds, please send through your settings when you can, it would be very handy. I am having trouble with my Dante recording. I am recording 32 channels to a quad core XP32bit desktop with reaper. I rebuilt the machine from scratch and did all the usual tweaks. I am going direct to Dante (no switch). I don’t get peaks of over 700 on the latency checker so I am reasonably confident that the PC is in good shape (it’s faster then my studio PC and I do twice as many tracks with that setup). The issue I am having is random clicks and pops on the all the channels. It doesn’t seems rythmical but I do notice a strange thing happening. Every 3 or 4 pops, two channel pop at exactly the same time. I have checked that I am recording in 48k 24bit and the iLive 32 is the master. I’m really happy with it (Dante) but I’m keen to get rid of the spikes. I may try to update the network drivers and see if that helps. Any clues anyone. Has everyone else got it working. It seems to have gone quiet on the topic.

IDR 32 Mixrack
Dante (soon)
Mixpad on iPad1
Desktop FOH BCF2000