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So apart from my new project recording the swampiest and dullest tones south of the delta, I’ve also been testing the Dante card…
So far I’m happy to report totally hassle free recording – I left the machine running last night & tracked 32 tracks in (a dozen mike lines with the gain wide open, a stereo iPod track, and a bunch of empty channels to see if I had any of the clicks and pops mentioned by others) with Reaper 64bit v3.76 to an external RAID1 enclosure via eSATA and it didn’t miss a trick.
I’ll have to go through and detail my exact specs so anyone with issues can try and get these same settings to work, but at the moment I’m feeling pretty confident in the card’s performance!

iDR32 mixrack
MixRack for iPad & Tweak for iPhone apps
Asus N61 Laptop (x2 wireless)
Windows 7 Pro 64bit
with Belkin PlayMax N600 HD router
Sennheiser IEM (for PFL)
Dante card

UPDATE: I recorded 32 tracks into Reaper for 3 solid hours on the weekend at a show & it didn’t skip a beat (except for when the whole venue’s power went out for 5 minutes…. bloody fridges and bain maries!!! Even then it found the DVC straight away and went back to recording without breaking a sweat once the power to the rack was restored)… I’m increasingly impressed with this card!!!