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So I finally got my Dante card today & after an initial install which for some reason failed to show up my PC in the available devices for routing I have reinstalled it tonight, figured out how to route the audio out of my iDR32 to 32 inputs of Reaper (64bit edition!), run nearly half an hour of glitch free recording (admittedly for this first test I’ve armed 32 channels in Reaper but only fed a stereo signal from my iPod down 2 lines) – no dropouts, no crackles or weird noises present on the empty inputs – and fed the stereo mix from Reaper back to the iDR32 on inputs 63 & 64 with no issues.
So far so good!

iDR32 mixrack

Hi bogsounds, Glad to hear you finally got the card and that it’s working fine. I’m gona do it too when the cash comes in.
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