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Ok, I’ll try the ACE connector tomorrow when I get back to the shop. Here’s a weird one… when I used the ACE connector and tried to hook up a wifi router to one of the other ethernet connectors on the idr it would disconnect the surface and the idr everytime. I think it was when i’d log into mixpad with my ipad. (I’m pretty positive the ip addresses were right, although I didn’t see an option to change the ipad address)

The light just went on… I think my router is set to also, so I need to somehow change the static ip address on that… guess that is what was kicking the surface off.

Weird though cause it did work when I plugged the surface and idr together using the black nuetrik… then plugged the router into the other ether plug next to the black nuetrik. All worked fine in the shop (minus the talkback and ipod I assume since I didn’t test those)

Anyways… I’ll try this again on Monday set the ip addresses and see what happens. Thanks for confirming my issues… now to get mixpad to work.