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Thanks Andy – I’m not to concerned about the wireless side but would like to be able to run a wired Editor session along with Dante VSC if possible. This opens up some interesting recording/control options i.e recording software internally midi linked to editor on the same laptop. I’m already achieving that on my Macbookpro but with two network connections – Dante wired and wireless for Editor. I’ve got the iLive Dante record feeds set to preamp outs and set to follow fader, then my custom Logic environment faders can control the record levels for each channel via Editor running in the background. This set up will also allow the reverse to happen – fader moves etc on an iLive mixer while recording can also be recorded as midi data so on playback you can exactly mirror the fader moves made during a recording/ performance. Record the scene change midi data also from the rack and you have not just virtual sound check – you almost have virtual performance!


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd
IDR48/IDR16/T112/R72/Mixpad, dual M Dante/DVC