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When the venue is filling up, a lot of mobile devices are searching for WiFi points.
Your acces point is very busy handling the request of the mobile device’s.
Turn off the SSID broadcast of your acces point and have security by MAC adress.
Most Acces points have a small proccesor wich goes to max load only by proccesing external devices (this can cause an stop/stutter of your TC/IP traffic)

Dimmers, strobes, Microwave ovens!!! cause a lot of interferance.
Some time it is even better to use a longer cable between you antenna<>acces point.
Antenna’s with an higher gain can also cause distortion (same as you Mic Pre) or amplify the frequency’s that is causing you trouble!

An other thing you can try is to set your antenna’s to the same angle as your ipad/laptop antenna.
In this way you make sure the wave’s are in phase (same as with radio mics)