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I finally got this working correctly.

I restored my laptop to the configuration originally set up by ADK Pro Audio. This resulted in idle DPC Latencies in the 50-80us range. I was able to get solid connection with no dropouts. I used the default ASIO settings with 128 sample buffers.

Recording to an external drive via eSATA connection, I was able to run 8.5 hours of loopback recording (15 channels out from PC to MixRack, same 15 channels back to the PC).
This was using Mackie’s Tracktion.

When I attempted to set up a 64 channel test, Tracktion started giving me errors when I enabled too many channels to the ASIO driver (I think that was the problem…I didn’t track it down). I downloaded Reaper instead.

NOTE: Reaper 64-bit version will not talk to Dante Virtual Sound Card 64-bit. You must use the 32-bit version of Reaper instead. This ran fine on 64-bit Windows 7. Once I got that straightened out, they started working fine.

I set up a test of 15 channels out of Reaper. I then replicated the inputs 4 times within the MixRack routing so that I had 60 tracks coming back.

This ran fine. DPC latencies were averaging in the 300-400us range, with peaks just above 500.

iLive T80/32/Dante