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@woutert- True, it wouldn’t require much R&D to amend the firmware. I’ve already have spoken with AH about this issue. What my article states is that this IS A USABLE solution in the meantime. If your musicians cant figure out how not to make this mistake, they shouldn’t have an iPad at all. I have been comfortably using this solution since day 1 of the app’s release. We have had our “oops” moments, but that was in the learning curve process. I would love to see more parameter features added to the user profiles on the ilive firmware. I think this is one downfall of the system. Obviously with the app being so new, I’m sure there are updates to come. Keep posting, you’ve got some great ideas. If AH hasn’t thought of them yet, (which I’m sure that have, or at least have heard from their rep’s) they can read these posts. Thanks.

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