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Just keep a tight reign on your guys. If the problem persists with one particular musician, threaten “NO MORE iPAD” ;). This is working for me on a weekly basis. I’ve got 7 people on the MixPad app at one time. We have had our “OPPS” but not during a show, only at rehearsal. Just make sure that there custom layer is setup, and that they double tap their mix. If the channels aren’t highlighted blue, dont touch! I would agree that an app that’s focused on AUX mixing would be nice, but lets be real. All the R&D time on this app, plus the overhead, plus the still limited number of iLive users on the planet, it’s not worth AH time or money to create such an app. I think if they try to corner the Personal Mix Market, maybe. But that would probably associated with the iPad allowing not only for control, but for audio to pass through the headphone jack on the ipad. Thus allowing the ipad to be the “self-contained” personal mixer. [:)]

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