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..Follow the link, this will answer your questions. Article written by yours truly …

I’m very sorry, but there’s nothing new in the article as you made us think. An API for iLive, exactly that was asked. Furthermore a possibility to block access for a user to any other mix than his own aux mix.

In your article:
1. There’s nothing about security, as was asked.
2. There nothing about a public API for iLive as was asked.
3. There’s no other solution than purchasing an iPad with MixPad for personal moitor mixing.

What could have been interesting was:
1. Announcing a new sleek line of dedicated Monitor mix PL’s, offering new easy set-up and some of the things that AVIOM has, like control ranges and so.
2. Announcing a public API.
3. Announcing full OSC compatibility.
4. Announcing Mackie Control.
5. Announcing a new “touch de luxe” editor software optimized for 23″ multi-touch screen (at a reasonable cost) (with Mackie control interface for close integration with hardware fader banks.)
oops, i’m drifting now…