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Hey there !

I have planned to buy a ilive R72 with Idr 16 Mixrack, but have a problem becouse I need for a Tour I do every year 8 more outputs ! I know it can be done by a Idr 32, but for most I dont need the ekstra outputs !

Is there any way I can do this by having a Idr 16 an then maybe buy a plugin card of some sort ?? Or do You guys have a better Idea ?? Maybe by rent a Idr 16 More an do the together ???

Please let me know what You would do in my situation ????

Brian ….

There are several ways to deal with this depending on what you need exactly, first choice of course would be a larger mixrack, iDR32 is perfect….. however, if you already have adat to analog interfaces you could buy ($699) a M-MM0 Mini Multi-Out card with optical ADAT which would give you an additional 24 adat outputs ….of course you might also be able to get by using the 8 local outs on the R-72 even though they are TRS RCA and spdif ……you might also be able to “matrix” out the other outputs you need if you have a speaker processor, stereo in to multiple outputs……xta Klark or dbx etc…it really all depends on what your exact needs are for these extra outs……