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Well, do we have any price/availability info on this Dante PCIe card?
I couldn’t locate anything other than Rednet being over $1200.

If there is a PCIe solution, why there isn’t any express card option for laptops…
I don’t get it. It is an awful idea to have to carry a rackmount pc…

Those who have MADI interface, can output another set of stream from IDR by using the secondary port.

The second laptop obviously needs to have MADIFACE express card to accept the stream.

This is what I want to accomplish:
1 laptop is in charge of multitrack recording, therefore latency is not important.
2nd laptop needs to run waves multirack. Latency must be as low as possible without any crackles, farts…

It looks like if I get one more madiface express card I can do that.

I had impression that DANTE would be able to do so without any extra hardware. This is how they advertise by the end. Now Dante is coming to live with crackles. I’m wondering if I should cancel my dante order and go for the second madiface express card.

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Where is my DANTE?