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Well, these numbers suggest that this system won’t cut it if we want to use waves multirack. [V]

Is anyone on it?

That was already known. Not with DVS, but with the Dante PCI-card it will be ok. (by the way, I don’t have any cracks out of the box…)

So for now, for multirack, small and cheap 19″ rack computer with Dante PCI that you approach via RDP from your laptop.

I checked with Waves if they couldn’t build a waves server with Dante network instead of their Soundgrid. They did not respond so far.

Anyway with Focusrite adopting Dante for their Rednet range, I don’t think I would want to give up Dante in favour of Soundgrid…
I might want to give up ACE for Soundgrid. If I got it right, A&H are now investigating if they can have the surface link using Dante instead of ACE. Way to go.