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…Ok. I’ve tested the hell out of this. A few hours now, turning wi-fi on and off, changing from channel mode to mix mode on the app, launching Editor, you name it. …

I’d call it rock solid if you have those same results over and over, at different venues. I have had rock solid performance with all routers that I tested… at home.


re: Cisco E3000
This router has known cooling issues. Check the 1 star reviews on Amazon. Mine was working fine in my IDR16 rack for 4 weeks, then one night… no connection. No Wireless, No wired. It hasn’t worked since. Once I replaced the router, everything works great.

I had first purchased one of these for my home, that router will only run reliably in open air (not enclosed in anything).

I own 3 E3000s, the 3rd unit was in another IDR16 rack. It never had problems after 4 weeks, but I replaced it out of caution.

After reading reviews of thermal problems being fixed in the latest generation, I replaced my E3000s with E2500s which have been great for indoor shows, but range is poor outdoors (~50 unobstructed feet before signal strength disappears, the network stops responding and connection is lost).

I’m using new Lenovo X61 tablet PCs and 5Ghz N band.

I would pay a lot more money if I could find the perfect rack mount solution. Until then, I have heard good reviews (non related to Ilive) on the range of the Ubiquiti Power AP N https://www.ubnt.com/powerapn , I may try one out.

As others have said, great performance at home does not equal great performance in a venue.

Until I find a 100% reliable solution (like my LS9 w/Linksys WRT54G setup), I always have a surface and a spare router in the truck.

I am loving these Ilive systems.