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I have had 3 laptops connected with the TP-Link router via Ethernet, while using the switch ports on the iDR as well. The one change I did recently make with this router, is I only made static ip addresses to the iDR, Console, and Touch Screen. All other connections are DHCP reservations starting at 100 and ending at 115 including iPhones, Mixpad, and the wireless and lan NICS from the laptops. I was also having other windows startup issues with the hard coded ip addresses, and event log messages in windows 7 looking for a dhcp server. Also, I did make the default IP address .254 for the router, and do not allow any other connections that do not have a MAC addresses recorded. I also made the dhcp leases 365 days. So far, so good. My wireless issues are mainly in areas or venues with too much other traffic and interference.

Oswego, IL

T112 & iDR48
Sony F 1.73GHZ I7 8 Core
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TP-Link WR1043ND
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