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Got mine today. Up and running in 10 Minutes… works so far but got multiple drop outs on DAW side. Should gettin better with next SW version.
installing is quick and easy.
1) Install card in Slot b of my idr (T112 shows Dante in slot B on welcome screen)
2) Make sure that Apple´s Bonjour Service (latest version) is installed (also available for windows from Apple´s support web site)
3) Download Driver and software from Audinate site. (W32/64 or MAC)
4) Get License ID from Audinate site.
5) Install software (doesnt matter driver or config first)
6) start driver – click on start button
7) start configurator. Shows receiving and transmitting device (PC and Dante)
8) configer number of channels that u will use (should become green taggs while selected)
9) start DAW software
10) configure soundcard (dante channels)
READY… go for it.

no problems so far

idr48 – T112
iPad – Notebook with Editor
Belkin Wireless
Dante … whenever ready
Dedicated recording PC with Samplitude