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Hi Jeff,

After reinstalling the Bonjour service on the PC ( and actually starting the service, i had to do that manually ) On the PC everything seems to be working as designed now.

Regarding the Mac issue, I contacted Audinate UK last Firday, and explained them the issue. As I said, Audinate Controler seems to work, but I don’t get a visual confirmation of what I do. ( I don’t get any dante back on the network ). As I had two big shows last weekend I was not able to send a mail to Audinate explaining them my symptoms, I will do so today. They told me that they have some issues with the Mac version of Audinate Controler, and that they are interested in the issues I have.

Fortunate I was able to record the shows last weekend into Cubase using Audinate Virtual Soundcard on the MacBook ( by creating the routing with the PC beforehand ). I recorded 36 tracks simultaneously without any problems !!

Best regards, Rene

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