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[For many reasons I will never own an iOS device, so MixPad on the iPad is useless to me.]

To reiterate what was stated in an earlier thread – even if you use the iPad for nothing but this app, at $500 for the hardware & $100 for the app, it’s a cheap and very effective solution… One big plus of the app over editor to me is the speed at which you can access channel parameters: FAR faster than you can open a channel strip in editor, so on that side it’s a big plus, and I don’t think I’ll weigh into the Android debate except to say one issue that seems to come up alot for developers is that the many versions of Android that run on various hardware (of varying quality, size and capability) make it hard to provide a consistent interface and performance standard… OK, you might not be an Apple fan (god knows I’m not), but at least developers know what they’re producing is going to work consistently on every device (imagine the minor issues we have with MixPad – multiplied by the amount of hardware and processor variations available on Android? Yikes, service nightmare)!

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