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i do have a frank zappa project -(10 piece band) where i started creating scenes in the way one would do for theater and musical, lets call it “sequencial scene” mode where,like you wrote,one is calling off every song by stepping up(scene recall).
soon i found out it to be (in my opinion) the wrong approach for music so i ended up for approx 30 scenes for “soundtypes” of the band – 9 scenes for soloists (pan into center-a little louder and maybe more reverb)the other scenes are according to what “style” the band is into such as: vocal tune (4 guys singing band rather in the background),mellow jazzy impro (no gates on drums overheads up for brushed drums),then standard rock , bombastic rock (more reverb and so on)and a few more to cover franks amazing range of styles he used,
it works quiet nice (i am the singer in this band)even if our engineer cant make it i give a list of the desired scenes to the substitute engineer and of course he has editor open for a better overview (preselection of the next/upcoming scene).
and yes the scenes are not really slimed exept for main settings, and as i run 30 channels for foh plus 30 channels for our in ear only the first 30 foh channels are in the scenes.

this is just my approach i bet there are better ones maybe we should have a dedicated thread just for scene handling , could be interesting
i am allways in to learn from others…


allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (i am convinced audionate is not delivering coz i am a frank zappa fan)