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how `bout “THE SCENE SLIMMER ®™” (i registered the name aleady).
1. i build a show with lets say 125 scenes (musical,theater e.t.c.)
2. i make “a mess” by storing always all parameters into the scenes
3. once i am done and ready i let “THE SCENE SLIMMER ®™” run,
all he does is comparing one scene to the previous one and kicks out the parameters where he can`t find a “difference”.

I mentioned a similar idea previously. However, rather than a trademarked “scheme” I would prefer the scene editor handle this in the background dynamically and transparently to the user. As scenes are moved a “scene controller” would automatically resolve the deltas between the scenes such that any sequential scenes are handled.

The challenge in this is resolving non-sequencial access to the scenes. An algorithm to trace the differences would be required to manage live changes to the scenes.