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I purchased a Windows tablet (ASUS ep121…nice system) specifically so that I can use the Editor with touch input. This tablet has both pen and capacitive touch available.

People are correct that in the normal presentation, the faders are too small to use with fingers. The pen is OK, but I did have some awkwardness with this. This was during a run of 11 bands in 3 evenings at a Sci Fi convention and was only the 2nd event I’ve used the iLive for.

Working with the editor more after this, I found that there is a workaround. Use the Magnifying tool to zoom in to 200% to 250%. If you resize the Editor main window so that it just fills this area of the screen, you now have faders that are appropriately-sized for finger use.
(ETA: This tablet runs Windows 7, which I would recommend for any Windows tablet.)
Be sure to practice with this setup. It is easy to wind up scrolling the screen to another area of the Windows desktop. Scroll overlays will appear in the middle of each screen side. If you need to use the Editor’s scroll bars, just be sure to touch the scroll bar to one side of the magnifier’s arrows.

I very much echo the sentiment of having a multi-touch finger-friendly version of Editor for Windows Tablets.

I also very much want to see an Android Tablet version of MixPad (I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet–yeah, I’m one of those that got one at Google IO :)

For many reasons I will never own an iOS device, so MixPad on the iPad is useless to me.

iLive T80/32 w/ Dante on order