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Hi Rene

Regarding your first problem, this sounds like a known issue where our software was displaying a Dante firmware version, even though we do not at this point read any version from the card. Although the resulting red cross is off putting, it does not have any impact on the system.

You can use crossed or straight through cables with the A&H Dante card, as the Ethernet ports on the card are auto-sensing.

Regarding the issues you have had with your system, these sound like Dante Controller issues. The first place to look for possible solutions is the Dante Controller user guide, which you can find here: https://www.audinate.com/index.php?option=com_rubberdoc&view=doc&id=11&format=raw (you must be logged in to the Audinate site for this link to work). This document also has information on required operating systems and system specifications for Controller.

It sounds like with your Windows XP PC, the system works well. This points to a problem with the Mac version of controller, or something in your MacBook network setup. You mentioned that routing set up on the Mac does show up in Controller on the PC; did you try clicking the ‘refresh’ button in Controller on the Mac? Another thing to try is to close and reopen Controller on the Mac. Another suggestion is to turn off the WiFi on the Mac, as apparently having two network interfaces enabled can confuse the Controller software.


– Jeff, A&H