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Biggsounds, you are correct and i agree. I would not want a singer on the front of the stage controlling a mix for multiple monitors or even multiple singers. Woutert is is correct in my thinking. For IEM and personal mixing only is my thoought process. only the ability to have multiple monitor mixers or controlls easily set up with a minimum of hardware.

Cyrus100 seems to think that multiple Busses can be accessed and altered at the same time. I can see this as maybe being an issue if to many busses were accessed and altered. At what load would the processor handle before this became an issue?

With this being possible, It would be very nice to have an editor version that had limited access to only what is set up on that interface. I am only thinking out loud here. Hoping tho give feedback for something as yet another addon to an extremely flexible system. I truly think A&H has one of the finest consoles going. Bank for the buck it cannot be beat. User friendly yes.

I-Live, with what some have requested as add ons, could grow into another of those expensive consoles that would take a true engineer to run all the time. not to mention a bank account full of money to purchase. At this point I think that these guys are realy trying to, and doing a fine job of keeping it to a level of great product easy to learn and use.

Thanks guys for all the input….continued education is a fine thing..