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Hi Peterwit

The xDR-16 does have a Port B slot, so yes, adding two xDRs does give you two Port B slots where you used to only have 1. There are some limitations associated with the Port B slots on an xDR. The 64 possible channels you can route to your main rack will be output by both of the xDR-16 Port B cards (the same 64 channels). These 64 channels also overlap with the physical output socket on the xDR-16, although you can choose where they overlap. For inputs, the first 16 channels of the Port B card in an xDR-16 are routeable to the system. The xDR-16 getting started guide should help you (https://www.allen-heath.com/dl/iLive%20Series/System%20User%20Guides/xDR-16%20Getting%20Started%20Guide%20AP8331_1.pdf), feel free to ask if you have any more questions.


– Jeff, A&H