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Hi Timcates

The picture is not as bleak as Rexeltw indicates. You can use existing ‘AVD’ EtherSound modules in a RAB2, using the M-ES-V1-BASE Option Card. This accepts your ‘AVD’ card (the original EtherSound module used in the RAB1), and allows it to work in a RAB2. Your cheapest option is then to fit your new RAB2 module into your rack, with the old EtherSound module from the RAB1 module that you have removed, added to an M-ES-V1-BASE, then fitted into the RAB2. The Dante module would then go in Port B of this RAB2.
You could switch over to using ACE if you wanted, but this would mean buying another RAB2 for your surface, and scrapping your EtherSound ‘AVD’ cards. It would give you the benifit of not having to run a separate control network cable to your surface though.

Hope this helps


– Jeff, A&H