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funny we just discussed this today during a soundcheck – my opinion (personal indeed) in full consequence, one would need all the channels of instruments (or lets say the stuff wich is loud enough on stage)
in stereo (two channels)-just for the panning (i have the drummer standing stage left therefore i need for “oh left” one delay to the left front and one to the right front and so on)allthough
already with monochannels (normal setting) the channel delay helps a lot (i think it is one of the main advantages of digital mixing)specially in bad rooms on REALLY hears the difference.
i mentiooned before in a thread- a good thing would be having a “relative delay” ganging option,there one could gang the drums once and set for different stage sizes only the bassdrum and all the other assigned channels would follow in relative mode ( bd is set to 1m snare is on 1.2m – i change the bd to 2m the snare follows up to 2.2m).iknow a workaround would be a group but i dont want groups anymore.
your idea is great but could cause confusion-many engineers still dont have any idea what i am talking about (usually i say: ok “the speaker waits till the sound of the snare arrives at the speakers positon”)


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