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Hi Jonathan

That tester looks like it just checks for continuity, but does so between incorrect wire combinations to identify a cable that has been wired up the wrong way round. I was thinking of something more like this https://www.flukenetworks.com/datacom-cabling/copper-testing/dtx-cableanalyzer-series, but somehow I don’t think the average user is going to want to fork out for that! This is part of the reason we have an approved cable list, as it is almost impossible for the end user to predict how well a particular cable will work. If you want to try out some other cable, the cheap solution is to soak test it, to see if any errors are reported by the software when your system is running in your target venue. If you can do this with high power and/or noisy equipment like strobe lights running, this sort of test should give you a good level of confidence that the system will work well in the real show.

In general, you should not encounter any problems due to electrical interference or noise if you are using a good cable. The fact that you had some problems in this particular venue indicates to me that there was something wrong, but as before, I can’t predict whether a better cable will solve this particular problem.

Hope this helps

– Jeff, A&H