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So I just went and bought the Belkin Play N600 HD that was recommended at the beginning of this thread. I hate it. I got it and went in and configured it and the system connected right away but NO METERS. I tried everything. This router doesn’t give you the advanced options to go in and do what you need to. I then switch back to the Netgear WNDR4000 (N750) and the meters came back . . .and then they froze again. This is the problem I am having with the Netgear unit. I have been watching it with the stopwatch on my phone and it freezes right around 4 min. every time. I still have control over the console, just no meters. If any of you have this router working correctly, I would love to know your router configuration to make sure that I am not missing something. I don’t know what else to change.


iPad 2
Netgear N750 router
Everything updated to current FIrmwre