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1. output trim on mains and auxiliarys – When CD level is at 0, fader is at 0 and mains are at 0 my amplifiers should not be limiting, and this has never been the case before. As every room we go into is different, often with a PA over-specced for the room. need to be able to adjust for this with an overall gain drop before leaving the digital world.

You can use matrix mixes here, as you can easily setup additional outputs or different output configurations without affecting your current show.


2. RTA redesign. This seems to have been built as a bit of an afterthought. The two greatest requirements needed here are the ability to adjust the gain of the response of the meters (without adjusting the gain on the channels you’re looking at) and also the ability to slow the response time. at present without slowing down it is near impossible to EQ a room adequately with Pink noise.

It is impossible anyway to EQ a room adequately with pink noise.

R-72, iDR-16, xDR-16