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Originally posted by yonazdk

Agree the scene systems needs a major overhaul or a complete redesign.

All these things are needed from a theatre perspective:

Scene-cut/copy/insert is much needed (reorder is too slow)
A scope-funktion for selecting what to store every time you hit store (“store scope” ?) perhaps with memory too.
Scene-fading (selectable on/off pr channel)
ON-THE-FLY channel-safe function: Yamaha does this. If you press and hold select while recalling a scene, the particular channel or channels don’t update. Very useful for dialogue channels e.g.
Offset on scene-load (pm5d has this). Very useful for effects or background music. For i.e. you can turn on an effect and automatically open a radio mic 5 seconds later.
Store button assignable to user-key
Auto-advance function is weird. Needs to recall when “go” is pressed – it’s very confusing to have another scene than the current one highlighted all the time
Speed – scene-loading needs to be much faster (as does startup time and reconfigure time)
On a related note – scene-storing should happen in the background, so you’re not stuck for 10 seconds everytime you update a scene.
This one is exciting: reconfigure the go-button to send a midi-string to something like cuelab wich then in turn sends the go-signal back when everything is ready. The userkeys are too far away to use for this. They should be in the lower-right corner on the next generation surface.

The key for theatre use is speed and easy access. If you’re programming during rehearsals you need to move along with what’s happening on stage. You need to be able to move scenes around, cut,copy and paste with lightning speed and to update a scene in a flash and move on right away. If you want to update a scene during a show, you have to be able to do that without being afraid of missing the next cue.

Definitely Plus 1 for all of the above. We only use this console for theatre work in Sydney, and are planning on building our entry into the digital world on this platform. All that has been listed above is a must, especially fading and copy paste. Why cant I choose to have copy paste buttons on the console for scene use?

Another two things i really need added:

1. output trim on mains and auxiliarys – When CD level is at 0, fader is at 0 and mains are at 0 my amplifiers should not be limiting, and this has never been the case before. As every room we go into is different, often with a PA over-specced for the room. need to be able to adjust for this with an overall gain drop before leaving the digital world.

2. RTA redesign. This seems to have been built as a bit of an afterthought. The two greatest requirements needed here are the ability to adjust the gain of the response of the meters (without adjusting the gain on the channels you’re looking at) and also the ability to slow the response time. at present without slowing down it is near impossible to EQ a room adequately with Pink noise.

Thanks guys, I love the system, and I love that there are constant tweaks and improvements coming our way.