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Ok, in follow up since I was the OP, thought I would let you all know what I learned. We switched the strobe’s power to a completely different room to ensure it was as far away as possible. However, even though the strobe did not kick off the system again, I started having problems with losing connection throughout the whole show.
I therefore believe that the cable is the culprit, not the lights. I must say it was a long weekend constantly rebooting the system. The major slow part was that once it booted, it took forever to get the keyboard screen to come up to enter the logon password for the system. I am talking 30 to 45 seconds after touching the touchscreen to have the keyboard pop up. I am going to send the event log to A & H this week to see if there is anything else going on.

I have been using some cable not on the approved list CAT5e cable. I am therefore going to bite the bullet and buy something better. I do have two questions before doing so. First, I cannot seem to find a retailer that sells either of the two cables on the approved list here in the US. Can anyone direct me to a retailer who carries either of those? Second, is there any update to the approved list since A & H has had this product out for a longer period of time. It sure would be nice to have a wider variety of cables that we can choose from. Thanks

Jonathan Wade
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