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Since 1.8, I have similar log messages and cannot keep a consistent connection wirelessly. (not implying the firmware as the cause)
For every laptop show within the last month, I wire directly from the laptop to the iDR. It’s game over, if I solely rely on a wireless connection for anything now.
Last two events, direct connection was the only solution. I could not even get my iPad to connect to my router when that was the only wireless component. Everything is Mac addressed.
Set everything back up the next day at the shop, and no connection issues at all even with wireless traffic on all bands in the 2.4 range.

I have an in ear rack with a mix of different Sennheiser and Shure transmitters that is really close to my router. Not sure yet, if that is causing issues.

Oswego, IL

T112 & iDR48
Sony F 1.73GHZ I7 8 Core
Win 7 Pro 500GB HD 8G RAM
TP-Link WR1043ND
Airport Extreme & Express
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