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Hi Jonathan

There are a number of possible causes for a problem like this. Here are a few ideas:

Try looking in the Touch Screen event logs. Before a disconnection, are there ACE QoS warnings?

How long and what type of cable are you using for your ACE link? A cheap or faulty strobe light could emit a lot of rogue radio energy, which with unshielded or cheap cables, could cause electrical interference on the Ethernet lines, which in turn could cause a disconnection. We have a list of recommended cables that we have tested for use with ACE here https://www.allen-heath.com/ilive/system/cables. These have been tested at 120 meters with no errors reported even with 2 kV mains line transients being injected into the rack or surface PSU. Even with good cable, a damaged or poorly fitted RJ45 connector on the cable can have a significant impact on the noise susceptibility of the ACE link.

Proximity of power cables to a data cable can also be important. If you have a noisy, high current power line running parallel to an Ethernet cable, this will increase the chance of noise on the power line affecting the Ethernet link. In this case it does not matter whether the power line is on a separate circuit.

In general, the connection should be fine even with quite a few errors; perhaps even 10s of errors per second could be OK, but you might notice a meter stutter, or sluggish response from the control surface. Did you notice this kind of symptom at the show?

If you are in this sort of situation again, you could try having a look in the Mixer Preferences page of the Mix Rack Setup screen. Select ‘Port A/B Setup’, then press the ‘Advanced’ button at the bottom of the Port A ACE area. You will then see various counters that are updated every second. There is one counter (Error Count 1, Error Count 2 is only relevant if you are using an ACE Option Card) showing you the number of errors per second for each of surface and rack (scroll down to see the second one). If these counts are high, this means that there is some problem with the ACE link that could cause a disconnection.

Hope this helps.


– Jeff, A&H