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Hi Antony,

Not refering to ganging, I’m refering to making 2 mono channels a stereo. If the two mono channels have different head amp settings prior to being turned into a single stereo channel, the left and right on the new stereo channel have different settings (which you’ve said). What I’ve found is that changing the PAD, phantom and gain settings for the new stereo channel does not change both sides of the new stereo channel. What I’ve found is that when a change is made to the head amp gain, the change in value is plus or minus from the original value of the head amp gain in the previous mono channels, rather than an absolute value for the new stereo channel. At the time we found changing the values for head amp gain, phantom power and pad only efffected the left channel when these settings were originally different on the two mono channels. Does my explanation make sense? I realise it’s a bit hard to put into text!

It’s a very minor issue that we only experienced before we planned our channel assignments better. It was when we changed from having two separate mono keyboard channels for 2 different devices into 1 new stereo channel for one keyboard. As a church, we’re constantly changing our band line up from week to week and this was the solution we came up with at the time. Now we just plan with spare channels.

As I mentioned, I’ll try and replicate the issue when I get the chance. We haven’t needed to change a channel since we upgraded to v1.8.

ps this is the best audio console I’ve ever used.