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Unless the head amp gain are both set to the same level before the linking, there is an imbalance once linked.

I take it you are referring to ganging here – in which case there is currently no facility for ganging pre-amps, so they would have to be set separately.


These issues only arise when creating a stereo channel from 2 mono channels that previously had different head amp settings.

Yes this is correct – we do not copy the LHS settings to the RHS, but by changing the settings then they will “sync”. This is done on purpose. I will try to explain…
If the two channels were coming from a source that is stereo (such as a keyboard) then I’d expect that the pre-amps would be set the same even when they were mono channels, unless the pre-amp hasn’t been set-up yet, in which case they will sync when it is set-up after becoming a stereo channel.
We don’t keep them in sync automatically, as it may be that you are using 2 pre-amps for mono channels that are also feeding a stereo channel as well (that you are not using), and it would be frustrating not to be able to set them differently (and not know that one was affecting the other).

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