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I’ve noticed a similar issue when linking two monos to stereo. Unless the head amp gain are both set to the same level before the linking, there is an imbalance once linked. I’ve also had the same PAD issue described above. Also noticed a similar issue with phantom power. We had these issues occur several times when using v1.7 firmware but have not had to make a change since upgrading to v1.8. We simply plan around it.

These issues only arise when creating a stereo channel from 2 mono channels that previously had different head amp settings. It seems whatever the odd channel (as in an odd number 1,3,5,7,etc) settings are, the settings are not copied over to the even channel.

Is this a product feature or a bug? Changing the head amp settings (level, pad, phantom power) did not make any change at the time.

If I get a chance, I’ll try it with v1.82 and let you know. Also happy for someone to say they found the solution when they RTFM. I couldn’t find one.