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More info on this;

I removed both Java installations on laptop and reinstalled the latest version (update 25 for 32 bit). No improvement.

When my laptop is connected to the iDR48, The surface link shows the following;

No lights illuminated in status.
Net Bridge off.
Red X in surface lock.

Disconnected laptop and turned off.

Established Ace connection between T112 surface & iDR 48, everything normal.

Booted laptop, connected to iDR via ethernet and started Editor.
Editor goes through normal start up process, however I noticed on the T112 surface that during the time when Editor is loading, the status light changes from green to no lights illuminated and the net bridge green check disappears..? The Net bridge check actually comes on and disappears in 2 second intervals along with the status light going green then disappearing until editor is finally established on the laptop. After Editor is fully loaded and displayed, the T112 status lights are back to normal, however in Editor- no light is illuminated in status, net bridge is off, and red X in surface lock.

System log on T112 shows two duplicate ip addresses from laptop connected, one second in time apart.

This did not happen in 1.80 or prior, and I have made no system changes on laptop.

Certainly in need of any suggestions or input.

Oswego, IL

T112 & iDR48
Sony F 1.73GHZ I7 8 Core
Win 7 Pro 500GB HD 8G RAM
TP-Link WR1043ND
Airport Extreme & Express
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