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Ideally you woud configure the belkin as an AP, because when is configured as a router it’s going to be NATing everything on the wan side. Will the belkins not provide dhcp in AP mode?

Everything should be reachable if they are in router mode as long as everything is on e LAN port. I would avoid using the wan port, as it will only routebdat through it if it’s on a different subnet.


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Hi All

Just wondering how you guys setup your networking.
I have two i-live systems, each in its own rack with a 16 port switch and a belkin playmax.

Our workshop also has its own wired and wireless networking.
In an ideal world everything would be cross plugable without needing any configuration to use.

Our networks are setup as follows…

Workshop: 192.168.0.X
ilive1: 192.168.0.X
ilive2: 192.168.0.X

now this is all fine in a wired only world, i can plug each rack into our local network and access it using wifi in our workshop or via a wired connection. It gets tricky when you add wireless to each rack.

The question is whether to setup the belkins as AP’s or routers. I tend to lean towards routers because this gives you DHCP for laptops and Ipads which makes configuration easy.

However the question is whether to put the ilive network into a LAN port on the belkins or into the internet port, or to connect the workshop network into the LAN port or the WAN port. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages that are driving me nuts.

If i’m connected to the ilive wireless rack which is also connected to our local network, i’d still like to be able to print or use the internet. Also, if the rack is connected to the workshop network, then any PC on the network should also be able to access an iLive.
But, ideally if you connect to the iLive wifi network, opening the ilive editor on a PC should show all the ilives on the network, this isn’t possible if your ilive network is on the WAN port.

However, if I set the LAN network on each playmax to also be a 192.168.0.X range (same as the workshop) then I can’t actually route to the workshop if its on the WAN port as its the same network and confuses the router.

I’m thinking the only way forward is to:

workshop: 192.168.0.X connected to WAN port – playmax picks up workshop DHCP.
ilive1: 192.168.1.X connected to LAN port
wifi: 192.168.1.X with DHCP to clients and or LAN clients.

does anyone else have any thoughts and suggestions or can share their setups (especially if they are complex setups)?

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