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At my last gig it disappeared twice on my idontpad2 16GB. I’ll use it again tonight for an unimportant gig. We will see how it will behave again. I only used it 4 times until now.

If it crashes I simply start and wait for everything to update again :(

One thing that annoys me is that the initial update rate on channels is too slow. And it doesn’t update unless you visit the channel. This has nothing to do my wi-fi setup. I’m very anal when I setup my wi-fi at a venue. I always scan environment and pick the best available wi-fi channel. No auto-selecting.

So to overcome, once the app is online, I have to visit/scroll everything at least once to make sure they received current information before doing anything. My Le1700 still sits and available in case of emergencies like app crashes. Unfortunately, it refused to update at all a few times and had to reboot idontpad2.

I don’t recall if anybody from A&H commented about MixPad for ANDROID platform. Almost every current/upcoming Android tablet hardware(RAM especially) is superior than idontpad2. So… Another 100bucks I guess if it is happening…

I also experienced app crashes while assigning channels in custom screen.

Any idea if there will be any update any soon for mixpad?

I don’t have a surface, I do everything from Le1700 and trying to shift to mixpad since last month as much as I can.

A tap-tempo button is a must.
If you have to deal with almost 64 channels(32 for house mix, 32 for monitor mixes) no matter how you design your customs and align channels, it is a pain in the butt to quickly get to certain channels.

We have to give credits to yamaha stagemix app for quickly accessing to those channel groups. But bigger credits to A&H for making such an advanced mixing app. I’m hoping they will realize Android platform as an important venue and develop android version of mixpad with more functions.
You can tell that I’m not an apple guy.


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