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Originally posted by Philip Adlam

It’s been mentioned before, but an ‘insert a scene’ feature would be really useful. simply shuffle all the scene numbers down by one until there is a blank space. Doing that by hand is hardwork!

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The problem I could see with “Insert a scene” would be, what happens to the last scene in your scene list, and/or where does the scene you inserted come from? Is it the next available open scene, the last available open scene? What happens to any softkeys that are assigned to recall a specific scene? Do they recall the same scene number or now the scene where it was moved to?

Why not use the “Reorder” mode and move in an empty scene to where you want the scene inserted? This allows you to move a scene from anywhere in the list and place it where you choose.
Or is this not the same thing you were trying to do?
It`s quick and easy. About 5 or 6 quick steps to complete.

On a side note: One thing I would like to have is the ability to see when I last saved the selected scene. Was it 5 minutes ago, 10 minutes ago, today, yesterday, last week, etc.

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