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The 169.254.x.x address is an automatic private address. I’ve run across it when working with my Ubox in the past. Do a search using “ip 169.254.x.x” and you’ll get some results for both Windows and Airport. It’s related to not being able to find the DCHP server. Whether or not it’s related to 1.80 may be hard to figure. If 1.81 fixes everything and it stays fixed maybe that was it.


P.S. Got through Easter service OK on 1.80 on the Tablet without bugs other than a little extra monitor volume when Our Pastor came up after Praise and Worship. Sharing a wireless channel isn’t something I like to do normally, but it went fine other than me not getting to the mute on the handheld channel in time. I need to do my 1.81 upgrade now as well.


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[ With the DHCP it was giving it a really weird IP address. Just tried again. It was

iDR 32
iDR D-Out
Lenova T61, M90, iPad soon I hope.