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Thanks. The cables are 250′ but could be shortened for sure. I had him make them extra long, but they would still need to be about 200′. I will do that asap, unless I just order another. Which I probably will. My cousin tested them and they tested out to full Cat5e specs.

Just to explain a little bit more. I normally run monitors (I normally play guitar also) from the stage via my MacBook wirelessly. That has been working great for the last month or so, with the occasion system busy. For Easter though I’m just running sound. For me it’s much easier to drag and drop channel strips, rename them, find mic channels being used via the editor software. So I’ve had it hooked up to the surface via Cat5 (with airport off) just for those purposes. And really now that I think about it that is when I’ve started having the issues. Maybe I shouldn’t connect the macbook at all?

And as for the Mini, I haven’t even used it yet. I planned on it being the recording computer when our Dante card arrived. I may set it up though just to have a back up of a back up lol. ;)

I will look at the logs asap and see what they say too. But I probably won’t be able to post them until this evening, after the service. And again thanks for everything. Especially the connecting to just the mixrack part. I thought I had read that if you were connecting to a system with a surface you had to tell it to connect to a “mixrack + surface”. However at this point all I should really need is ability to switch scenes and maybe some minor FOH volume changes.

FWIW I also plan on completely rebooting the system about 5 mins before it starts. See if that helps. Our practices have been 3-4 hours and the actual service shouldn’t be over 2 hours. Thanks again.

T112/48, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and trying to patiently wait on Dante. ;)