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That is what is seems like. However I have the router set up to a static address of and then set it to add devices in the through range using DHCP. I believe that is A&H’s recommendations. But this is an older router and I’m wondering if maybe something has changed. We do shut it off when we turn off the Mixrack.

And to add to that I forgot to mention. I’m running a backing track through the surface and it keeps playing. So I’m not losing audio. Just the ability to control. Guess it could still be the cables I’ve used also. They were built by my cousin who is the head of IT at a local hospital and seem to be of good quaility. So maybe we’ll need to get some cables off the recommended suppliers. Just can’t do that by tonight. Anywho thanks and I’ll double check all my IP settings. See if something has changed.

Right now I’m still thinking I’ll keep the router unhooked, and hook up the laptop direct to the mixrack and specify an IP address for it. See how that goes. Thanks again.

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Several things here, first, don’t use the router just yet…….how long is the cat5?……

Once you get the macbook/mini ip addresses sorted out make sure that airport is off !

then setup a connection “surface to mixrack” with cat5 and “computer to mixrack” also with cat 5…… in the editor connect to “mixrack only” that way should you loose connection between mixrack and surface you’d still have control through the editor, of course if you have 2 comps you can connect an extra spare/backup to the surface also,(editor connected to “mixrack and surface”)…..personnally I always connect to the rack….that’s where all my audio is coming from……..so go for your idea of connecting editor to that “dante” cat5 and get yourself some recommended cables for ACE connections……I’ve successfully ran our own 300+ft of off the shelf cat5 to a monitor comp editor session that way connected to the mixrack…..

Also if and when you have time, you might want to check the console logs to see why your surface lost connection. accessible through the surface

hope this helps