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Saving scenes as deltas from the previous settings would be great for speed, but would only be useful to me if the software has the capability to reconcile all the changes when scenes are reordered. This would slow down the reordering a bit, but is not an unsolvable problem. I essentially need to create scenes for musical sets that can be changed.

There are a couple of ways this could be solved from an algorithm standpoint. The simplest is probably a function to walk the scenes and fill in all the missing gaps. Then after reorder, another function to walk the list and remove redundant information and leave the deltas in place. This could offer the both of best worlds without too much problem programically.

I could go something like this: entering reorder mode fill in the scenes with all settings; exiting reorder mode eliminate all but the differences. Restoring scenes out of order would be slightly more complicated but solving this problem would eliminate the need to do the conversions as often.