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What I’m seeing when I try and copy paste, if I make many changes the ability to update is greyed out and I’m left with no option but to Store All. Then I have to edit and delete all the unnecessary parameters all over again!

as for folders, its just neater if I can have folders. USB keys are also possible, but this was more about a wishlist :-)


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Hey all, scene management is a huge bugbear for a lot of us I think, so I figured there was enough that we could discuss in a separate thread to all the “i want”s that are in the other thread…

Ill get things started with a few…

1. The ability to choose first up what elements will be added to all further scenes, to save from having to remove everything unwanted after the fact to speed up recall and avoid unwanted changes
2. The ability to create a folder heirarchy to store shows. I work for a live sound company that employs several engineers; we would each like to have a folder on our consoles by name with each of our shows/templates inside.

copy and paste might be of service here, in the 1st scene containing the parameters you want /need to change just copy these and paste in subsequent memories…..the trick for fast scene recall is to only have what needs to be changed in the scene…..

As for the second request I’m not sure I fully understand the problem,how about show files with different suffixes for each engineer? remember that each engineer’s computer editor session can and will probably be different according to their own settings templates shows etc…..or just pop in a usb key and you’re all good to go…..??!!