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Hi guys,

What we’d really like to see is the ability to copy protect certain scenes based on user access level. To my knowledge, you can only allow/restrict scene editing on a universal level at this point. We use a T112 in a church with volunteers running the system. What we have is a “template” scene for each service that has standard operating parameters as we prefer them. Each volunteer then makes their tweaks based on that week’s vocalists, speakers, instrumentalists, etc. and saves the new scene for use that morning. For example, the “template” for Sunday mornings is called “Sunday AM-Master” and the working scene is “Sunday AM-Live”. We want them to be able to create as many working scenes as they need for the service (Sometimes they need to change scenes if there are a lot of mic handoffs, instrument changes, etc.), we just don’t want them to accidentally (or not) update the master scene with their changes. We keep backups to restore if this happens, but would like it to be more convenient. We had a volunteer decide to update monitor EQs once, which took time to correct, but haven’t had any major issues so far.