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I still haven’t gotten a chance to really compare the compressors a lot. So far my default comp for instruments is the “iLive RMS”, and for vocals is the “Vocals”. I however want to play with the “speech” compressor on speakers a bit more. I had it on the preacher and it was making him sound like he had a lisp. I kept trying to fix it with eq before it dawned on me it could be the compressor. Switched it to “vocal” and he went back to sounding normal. I’m not sure if I was just pushing it a bit hard, or maybe need to blend in the dry signal via parallel compression. Or maybe try and play with the side band eq.

Anywho, to summarize, an amazingly versatile board. Simple to use and I really enjoy tweaking it. If you will be using a computer with it, I highly recommend getting the edit software and playing with it before hand. IMO somethings are easier to set up that way and other things directly on the control surface. But either way works really well. Just got an iPad too, but haven’t bought the MixPad app. I have the free version and it looks awesome. Also read both manuals, part 1 and 2. One is for the hardware the other is for the software. Good luck. You’ll enjoy it.

T112/48, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and trying to patiently wait on Dante. ;)