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Hi all,

At the moment I’m using a Klotz HybridCable (Klotz HC52P15) 2x ethernet CAT5A + 3×1,5mm2. I’m using at a lenght of 60m witohut any problems for a while now. One Cat5 is used for the ACE connection. The other I will use dedicated for Dante over GigaBit LAN…. when Dante will arive !!
The cable is only 16.1mm in diameter.

Regards, Rene

Nothing is completly true, and even that’s not true.

Glade to hear it’s working fine. I’m assuming you use the 3 x 1.5mm for your power to the surface and the other ops gear. I wonder if this can be used for the full 110 meters?

R72 & IDR32